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Kappa Leadership Development League

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Kappa Kalendar

This is a full list of all the upkoming events for the Kappa League. Please be sure to kome out and support the Men of KLL

Kurrent Events

 ***Welkome New Members***

On Sun, Jun. 10th. the Men of Kappa League and Ladies of Kappa League, both were proud of the krossing of a line to each organization. The "5 Kommitted Souls" entered the Men of KL and the 9 ladies of the "Koalescence Line" entered the Ladies of LKL 

UpKoming Events

Kappa Outing

Saturday. June 30th, the men of Kappa League will be spending some kuality time together in welkoming the New line by having a outing.

KAPPA LEAGUE.....1-9-7-0............1-9-9-8